What is YouHue?

YouHue is a classroom app that uses mood tracking to empower students to understand their emotions so they can better manage and communicate them.

Data from YouHue gives teachers insight that can be used to support student learning, identify and address issues, and build more meaningful relationships.

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emotions in the classroom

How students feel has a big impact on how they behave and how they learn.

YouHue makes emotional wellness an everyday practice, in school and beyond, to provide the foundation for social-emotional skills, growth mindset, and communication of needs.

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understanding students

YouHue gives students the tools to reflect, learn, and grow and teachers the insights to know how to help.

Better understanding of student needs means you can better support their success at school without having to be a mind reader.


What does YouHue do?

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Tracks their moods

Students are asked to identify their emotion at that moment.


Encourages reflection

Students can view past entries to understand patterns and gain perspective.


Helps them process thoughts

Students are guided to put words around thoughts and feelings

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Helps build emotional resilience

Teaches a simple exercise that helps build self-efficacy and problem-solving skills.


Helps them feel better

Self-expression allows students to vent, feel understood, and choose more healthy behavior.


Learn over time

The more students log, the more easily YouHue can help you identify patterns.


YouHue is for all students ages 4 - 21.


Printable and shareable info about the YouHue App:

  1. Get to Know the YouHue App

  2. Introducing YouHue to Students

    Through conversations with our participating educators, we often tailor supplementary material to each classroom’s unique needs. We’d love to hear about yours so we can offer additional ways we can help!