YouHue teaches and tracks student wellness in school, and beyond.

Improved behavior and academic performance result from helping young people understand their feelings, communicate appropriately, and choose actions that help them achieve their goals.

The YouHue program provides strong, easy, and effective social and emotional (noncognitive) skills education.

We also enable educators to identify and address emotional and learning issues in students.

Our app scaffolds emotional intelligence and emotional regulation, so these skills can then be used in the real world. It also gives educators, parents, and guardians the help they need to support the mental health of their students.

We support preK-12 versions of our program, including support for special needs students.

View our Program Introduction, below, for more information.

The YouHue Program

The slideshow below is your introduction to the YouHue program.

Versions of the program exist for years preK-12, and with support for special needs students.

Your school may qualify to participate in our program for free this year.