• The wellbeing of our students is our number one priority. We work hard to give students and teachers the tools they need to be successful. As part of that work, we maintain an open door policy as much as possible. You can contact our co-founder and program designer, Kristi, anytime at kristi @ youhue dot com.
  • Our founding team’s background in academic research psychology means we’ve been studying the social, emotional, motivational, and developmental needs of people for many years. The YouHue project started when we kept hearing from teachers how difficult it is to integrate social and emotional learning into the classroom, despite the large amount of strong research showing how important it is to do just that. We asked, how can we help?
    • For a year we discussed and researched with educators, parents, students, and psychologists to understand the best way we could help teachers help students learn critical social and emotional skills. That is how we designed YouHue.
    • We completed controlled testing for a year before we entered our first school in September 2016.
    • Since then, we’ve been used in schools in the US, UAE, UK, and Australia. All the while, we’ve been improving our app design and program based on the needs of our teachers and students, combined with our continued research in academia and the classroom.
  • A big part of who we are is our commitment to helping our teachers help their students, and a big part of this is ensuring that every school that wants to can access and use YouHue.
    • Schools that demonstrate financial need are always welcome to use YouHue for free.

What is the story behind youhue?

What is included in the program?

  • An individual account for each student and each teacher, which gives full access to the YouHue app-based exercise and program.
    • For more detailed information about Features, please view our Features Page.
  • Reports and Dashboard access.
    • Our dashboard makes it easy for schools to understand the emotions experienced by their students and how classroom life, academics, and other programs can be improved to better support students.
    • The dashboard includes all YouHue student data, as well as analyses. Analyses include trend analysis and key topic analysis so schools can better understand when and why students feel the way they do.
    • The dashboard allows educators to view insights and progress for their students on a group level or an individual level.
  • Alert system. (See FAQ 3)
  • A YouHue Team Member is assigned to each school to help program installation, to answer questions, and to provide general support during the program.
  • General support includes basic information about SEL, instruction for how to use YouHue (adapted to each classroom age and type), and resources for learning more about SEL and helping students cope with emotional issues. Support also includes help from our team in understanding and utilizing the data collected through YouHue.
  • YouHue Lesson Plans. Our team provides scientifically-based lesson plans to our schools at no additional cost.
    • These lesson plans help deepen the YouHue SEL exercise.
    • In addition to our own lesson plans, we frequently recommend amazing lesson plans from other SEL specialists.

What age group is youhue best for?

what type of classroom can use youhue?

  • Ages 4 and up.
    • Just like all SEL education, the earlier the program is started, the earlier students can start developing healthy habits and behaviors.
  • YouHue is used in general, inclusive, and special education classrooms.
    • Our support team view each classroom as unique. As such, we fully support the installation process to ensure a setup that fits your classroom's unique needs.
  • YouHue is used in classrooms that range from little technology experience to lots of technology experience. Our support team helps everyone, regardless of the tech skill levels.
  • YouHue is used in classrooms that range from zero experience with SEL to years of experience teaching SEL. Our program serves both as a starting point for SEL education and as a way to strengthen existing SEL programs.

How are students protected on youhue?

  • Student Safety: YouHue has a feature that immediately sends an email alert when a student uses a word or phrase that might indicate a safety concern. This email is sent to a designated member of the school's staff (and/or to a parent or guardian) and to a member of the YouHue team, to make sure it is addressed.
    • YouHue automatically includes alerts for a set of words and phrases like bullying, depressed, violence. Schools can also add their own alert words and phrases. In this way, we work together with schools to get help to students who need immediate attention.
  • Student Data Protection: Student information is only stored on YouHue if the student's parent or guardian has given permission. The only piece of identifying information we use is your student's first and last name.
    • Our team uses top technologies and methods to ensure the security of student and teacher data.
    • All student data is deleted from our systems when a student stop using the program, or when a school official, parent or guardian requests that the data be deleted.
    • Data is only ever used as described (to help teachers better support their students) and is never sold or used for any other purpose.
  • For Concerned Parents and Guardians: We understand being protective over data related to our children, so while you're still getting to know us you can opt for your student not to be identified under her name in the app. In this case, your student will be assigned a username but only your school will know who that username belongs to. We never receive your student's name and from our perspective, they're just student0003. 
    • At YouHue, student wellbeing is our top priority. However, we know it's hard to entrust a stranger with personal information. So, we can create anonymous accounts for students of concerned parents.

  • Parents and guardians can try the free version of our app, called YouHue Family.
  • It is not exactly the same as our Student version, but it's similar so you can get an idea of what your child will be using.
  • The main difference between YouHue Family and the version of the app your student will see is that in YouHue Family people can send mood expressions to each other. In the student version, only your child's teachers will see their mood expression.
  • You can find the app here in the App Store.

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  • Our top five lesson plans:
    • The YouHue Emotion Constitution
    • Introducing YouHue to the Classroom
    • Sandwich Moments (Connecting Mindfulness, Self-Expression, and Self-Regulation)
    • Signposting (Helping Students Help Themselves)
    • If This / Then That (Connecting Cause, Emotion, and Behavior)
  • We also frequently recommend resources from other SEL specialists. If you provide such a resources, feel free to get in touch! We evaluate all resources before recommending them to our schools.

What are some examples of lesson plans provided by YouHue?

What is coming next from youhue?

  • The 2017-2018 school year is a big time for YouHue. We are expanding our team to support more schools, expanding our app to include more comprehensive exercises for more advanced students, and soon our app will also be available on Android and Web.
  • Our focus is also on growing our toolkit of SEL resources. This toolkit is an optional way to deepen the YouHue exercise, and go even further into social and emotional education with students.
    • The toolkit includes lesson plans created by other specialists in SEL, in addition to our own lesson plans, which we create when such resources are not currently available or are not up-to-date enough to be optimally useful to our teachers and students.
    • These lesson plans can also be used by schools who cannot yet use YouHue because they do not have Apple devices, WiFi, or are awaiting program organization by administrators.
    • Contact us if you'd like to receive our free lesson plans as they become available!