How YouHue Works in Classrooms

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Lesson Plans & Big Ideas

At YouHue, we love sharing information that will be helpful to your classroom today.

big idea:

Helping students develop growth mindset

Get your students to learn from mistakes, and feel awesome about it.

lesson plan:

retrO, look back And LEARN

Make the most of your Friday afternoons with this easy-to-use lesson plan.

Send your students home with ready answers to, "What did you learn in school this week?"

Lesson Plan:

Stand up

Use mornings to focus your students on today and set them up for success!

Lesson plan:

sandwich moments

Connecting Mindfulness, Self-Expression, and Self-Regulation

big idea:

ask, "How are you feeling?"

Social and emotional education is accessible for every classroom, and you don't have to be a therapist to make it a part of yours.

lesson plan:

student stress signposts

Helping students help themselves (during exam time stress, and all the time).

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