Since 2016, YouHue has been helping build emotionally healthy classrooms all across the world--from the US to the UK, to the UAE and Australia. 

These are a few of their stories.


Case Study coming June 2018... YouHue at Jumeirah English Speaking Schools

Case Study coming June 2018... YouHue at Horizon Primary Academy

Case Study coming June 2018... YouHue at Global Education Management Systems

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Strawberry mansion high, philadelphia

Strawberry Mansion uses YouHue with their high school students who have special needs ranging from mild autism to complex schizophrenia. The app helps students calm down in the face of strong emotions, and helps them better understand their own feelings so they can manage them and communicate them to their teacher.

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moss school, new jersey

Moss School works with students from pre-k through kindergarten who have special needs. They are at the forefront of teaching social-emotional learning and started using YouHue to help their students connect more to SEL.

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