Thousands of student expressions about emotions of all kinds, supported by YouHue.

Since 2016, YouHue has been helping build emotionally healthy classrooms all across the world--from the US to the UK, to the UAE and Australia. 

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K-12, public and private, general and special education, YouHue is used by all kinds of wonderful schools.

These are a few of their stories.

YouHue Case Study, 2019:

A Whole New Dimension to the Whole Child

“I believe [YouHue] is an extremely powerful tool in helping students to communicate their state of mind… I feel much more satisfied that we can tackle students mental, social and emotional wellbeing on a deeper and more personal level–and faster. It gives us a whole new dimension to the whole child.” - Deputy Head, Tracy Connor

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I am using [YouHue] regularly and it has definitely enabled me to identify and overcome so many issues. It is a wonderful app.
— Ms. Daniels, Year 4 Teacher

JESS uses YouHue with 280 of their early years and pre-teen general education students. These are students in an academically rigorous setting who are simultaneously being prepared to shape the future and navigate their emotional experiences on the way. Students voice themselves on YouHue about everything from excitement for upcoming talent shows to difficulties with classmates to needing extra help with coursework. Since beginning YouHue in Spring of 2018, JESS teachers have been able to better understand their students and the ways they can help them pursue their bright and healthy futures. 

In Fall 2018, JESS is doubling the number of students who are using YouHue.

[My students] love sharing exciting news but YouHue also gave me insights into why a couple of children might not have been themselves on a day; very valuable.
— Ms. Ashley Green, Year 1 Teacher

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Strawberry mansion high, philadelphia

Strawberry Mansion uses YouHue with their high school students who have special needs ranging from mild autism to complex schizophrenia. The app helps students calm down in the face of strong emotions, and helps them better understand their own feelings so they can manage them and communicate them to their teacher. Since beginning YouHue in September of 2016, SMHS teachers have been able to better connect with their students, address their unique needs, explore their brilliant potentials, and get them engaged to learn and build relationships.

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Sometimes he doesn’t want to talk, and so he uses YouHue. Ok, go talk to YouHue, rethink how to handle things...He’s able to modulate much better than he was at the beginning of the school year.
— Ms. Duffy, Life Skills Teacher
Talking with me and YouHue helped turn [one of my students] around. He wants to learn now and he’s doing well. His confidence level is increasing.
— Teacher at SMHS

moss school, new jersey

Moss School works with students from pre-k through kindergarten who have special needs. They are at the forefront of teaching social-emotional learning and started using YouHue to help their students connect more to SEL.

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There are companies, like YouHue, who take on the responsibility to design technology that helps, and does not harm, children’s delicate minds, empowering them to learn better. Such healthy technology tools advance the quality of education we can provide young people. They serve as assistants to expand our capabilities as educators.
— Catherine Adelhoch, Teaching & Research Assistant